About Us

Booth Productions is a theater company open to all ages, creeds, races, classes, sexes. We are united, regardless of means, in a common effort to provide the opportunity for participation in theater. All of our activities are guided by and based on Judeo-Christian principles. We are dedicated to:

  • providing the opportunity for all to learn and develop theater skills by participating in the many aspects of theater, both on stage and behind the scenes
  • strengthening the value of friendship, team effort, and a sense of community
  • enabling all participants to achieve their fullest potential
  • providing the community with quality theater

Some of our most valuable assets are the ideas and input we receive from our associates and our audiences. Please let us know what you think and what you would like to see in the future.

Theater Workshops

Booth Productions periodically offers hands-on workshops in the areas of acting, makeup, and set design. Contact Rick at (207) 646-8142 for details and schedules of upcoming workshops.

Special Events

Bring your own performance to our Ogunquit stage! Our facilities are available for long term, short term, or single day use. We may also be able to offer varying levels of support services depending on your needs – including, but not limited to, ticket sales, set design and/or construction, and marketing. Contact Rick for details.